short story of a hair lock

site specific installation for



a cura di Laure Keyrouz

Short story of hair lock concerns the collective memory and the desire to stop time for a precise moment. An action is suggested by the work through a pair of scissors laid on the ground and from a glass jar that contains a lock of hair. A simple gesture, but radical. In a tireless attempt to control time, the drawing chase the idea of uncontrollable, infinite and fortuity.

I cut my hair:  a brief moment of my time is now stopped and inside this little lock there is a piece of my personal history: there is a moment of courage or anger, of defiance or joy.

Those strands are firm and eternal time at our disposal, they are a snapshot of who we are when we decide to cut.

Strands. Wires. Nodes.

Fine threads that form a story.

A hair that extends without ever falling,

and in the end only a pair of scissors.

I cut my hair to stop time.

I collect the time made by hair.