Ivan Zarevic

direction Alice Padovani e Federica Rocchi

sounds Marco Canali, Federica Rocchi

scenes Alice Padovani, Andrea Nicoli

with Alice Padovani e Federica Rocchi

organization Federica Rocchi

production Amigdala


Afanas’ev  condense places and spaces, characters and objects. The journey and the flight mingle, run distances and surprising events.
Ivan is the theatrical narration of a traditional Russian fairy tale, which preserves the surprising elements of the structure, language and plot. On stage, two actresses tell the story, playing from one to the other character, playing with the voices and body, with many noises and sounds that evoke the enchanted forest, the castle, the witch.
The setting of the show is small and magical as the atmosphere of the fairy tale: the objects and landscapes are evoked by masks, geometric shapes, unexpected objects and many small lights that evoke a fantastic atmosphere, such as the story of Ivan.




april 14th 2008

Teatro Dadà, Castelfranco Emilia (Mo)

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