direction Alice Padovani, Federica Rocchi

with Alice Padovani, Emiliano Cancellieri, Laura Gibertini

production assistente Stella Sorrentino

sounds Marco Canali

text Federica Rocchi

scenes and dresses Alice Padovani

edited by Federica Rocchi

production Amigdala



We do not know the meaning of the dragon, as we ignore the meaning of the universe; but there is something in his image, which agrees with the imagination of men. The dragon is necessary.

(Jorge Luis Borges)









The show BESTIARY is the second stage of a research on the imaginary fantastic conceived by Amygdala starting from the descriptions of monsters and creatures from classical mythology and medieval bestiaries. In Liber Monstrorum, halfway between zoology and popular mythology, it is mainly the dimension of diversity to emerge with force. It is, for the most part, descriptions of prodigious beings, sometimes to raise the listener a sense of wonder, but also result in a broadening of knowledge, which is the primary condition of acceptance of the other self.
The show is an encyclopedia Bestiary visual and narrative that tells of animals usually neglected by zoologists of the profession, the animals from the library: dragons, chimeras, centaurs, minotaurs, unicorns and all the creatures that the imagination of men has generated over time and space.



january 17th 2008

Teatro San Giovanni Bosco, Modena

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