Akus. Opera teatrale per donne guerriere

direction Alice Padovani

musical direction Meike Clarelli

scenes Andrea Nicoli, Alice Padovani

assistant director Paola Gocilli

organization and communication Giulia Bondi, Michela Iorio

photos Sophie Anne Herin

video Marcella Menozzi

with Ilaria Alberghini, Georgina Asante, Doris Awumey, Meike Clarelli, Nadine Esthel Fomen, Vida Kotei, Solange Miglietta, Viktoria Rusyn, Lisa Severo, Rosemary Somuah, Luciana Talamonti


a project by Amigdala e Le Chemin des Femmes

in collaboration with ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro

with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena

thanks to "Semira Adamu" - Casa delle Donne Migranti di Modena, Centro studi e discipline orientali La Tigre Bianca, Eleonora Merz, Federica Rocchi


The project was born from the encounter between Alice Akus Padovani, director of the company and the amygdala Meike Clarelli musician, choir director of women migrants The Chemin des femmes and singing teacher sensitive. Akus named after a warrior woman, she arrived in Italy from Ghana two years ago, whose singing and dancing which, during the choir practice of migrant women, are able to evoke the birth of a scenic form. Akus explores the expressive resources and heritage voice generated by a group of women from different backgrounds and artistic culture. A hotbed of experimentation of new languages, through which to express emotions, strengths, weaknesses, joys and sorrows. From this site, which intersects actions of music and theater, he was born a form of "musical work": a theatrical concert.



september 23th 2010

Teatro Storchi, Modena


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Carte d'identità - collettiva

 Galleria Guidi & Schoen

Piazza dei Gafibaldi 18R - GENOVA (ITALY)

 da martedì a sabato fino al 12 Gennaio 2019:

10:00-12:30 | 16:00-19:00



@Melia White House - Regent's Street - London

 11 >13 January 2019

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