I dominate and I let myself go.
I lead the game than I observe the unexpected form.
I build a long time made up of short gestures and actions that create a landscape populated by mervellous and

"Domino" is a combinatorial game based on archetypes of horror and wonder, where images and movements arise from the exercise of control and loss.

Performance and installation with Alice Padovani and her insects @Mina Studio, Modena

Next projects, news and events:

CHOUFTOUHONNA - The International Feminist Art Festival of Tunis 

6 > 9 september 2018 Tunis

PREMIO NOCIVELLI - finalists exhibition 

inaugurazione 9 settembre 2018

Chiesa della Disciplina in Via Castello a Verolanuova (BRESCIA).

Premio speciale Guidi&Schoen - Arteam CUP

Mostra Personale nella Galleria Guidi&Schoen Arte Contemporanea di Genova, nel corso del 2019.

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