8 is the intuition of the present.

It is an intimate and personal game that reveals that fleeting moment of perfection and beauty in which we can read the delicate balance of nature.

8 is the attempt to safeguard the ephemeral, to tie it with thin threads before it can corrupt. 8 is the thought of a death and the memory of a lifetime.

Next projects, news and events:

CHOUFTOUHONNA - The International Feminist Art Festival of Tunis 

6 > 9 september 2018 Tunis

PREMIO NOCIVELLI - finalists exhibition 

inaugurazione 9 settembre 2018

Chiesa della Disciplina in Via Castello a Verolanuova (BRESCIA).

Premio speciale Guidi&Schoen - Arteam CUP

Mostra Personale nella Galleria Guidi&Schoen Arte Contemporanea di Genova, nel corso del 2019.


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